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The Majority of our Clients

“How do I get my bank to lend to me?” –  the question so many companies are asking themselves. At IntaCapital Swiss we have the solution to your problem, the Collateral Transfer Facility. The Collateral Transfer facility enables companies/our clients to access Bank Guarantees and therefore make it easier for their bankers to give them a line of credit.

A great number of IntaCapital Swiss Clients have used the Collateral Transfer Facility allowing them to successfully approach their bankers for a line of credit on receipt of the Bank Guarantee on their account. Whilst most applications are approved some are refused. There are numerous conditions that banks apply to lending and in some cases the client maybe perceived to be too small for the size of guarantee or their turnover is not high enough to mention but a few.

However, a bank rejecting a line of credit is not the end of the line for a client of IntaCapital Swiss. The client still has the Bank Guarantee on their bank account at their Bank, and the highly committed team at IntaCapital Swiss are able to arrange against the Bank Guarantee a line of credit for their client.