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About IntaCapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantee

IntaCapital Swiss, whilst based in Geneva, is solving the lack of credit availability for clients in Asia, The Middle East and Europe. Utilising Demand Bank Guarantees, through the extremely popular Collateral Transfer Facility, loans and lines of credit referred to as Credit Guarantee Facilities, become available to companies having difficulties in obtaining credit.

There are many different facets that make up a Collateral Transfer Facility and at top of the list are banks as without them there would be no financial instrument transactions. Basically, there are three banks, two that issue Bank Guarantees, (The Issuing and Correspondent Banks) and one Bank that applies the Bank Guarantee to the Beneficiary’s account, (The Receiving Bank).

The Bank Guarantee is transferred from the Issuing Bank to the Receiving Bank and upon receipt of which the Beneficiary can apply for Credit Guarantee Facilities. In todays world with stricter compliance and credit regulations the Receiving Bank is known for turning down credit applications from Beneficiary’s for reasons such as compliance regulations as already stipulated, the strength of the Bank Guarantee, a weak relationship between the bank and Beneficiary, minimum trading across the Beneficiary’s account.

The answer to the lack of access to Credit Guarantee Facilities can be found at IntaCapital Swiss, who have designed a Banking Product, which when used in tandem with the Collateral Transfer Facility, resolves credit and banking issues at the same time. This is yet another unique product designed by IntaCapital Swiss and is bullet pointed below.

  1. The opportunity to open a corporate bank account with an Investment Grade Bank.
  2. Electronic Safe Custody to receive a Bank Guarantee on behalf of The Beneficiary.
  3. Availability of Lenders offered through the Collateral Transfer Facility.
  4. The above subject to due diligence.

IntaCapital Swiss demonstrates over and over again the ability to adapt their products to the ever-changing financial markets, and as such are providing Credit Guarantee Facilities for more and more clients. To find out more, visit their website.